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GAC Hino to visit our company

In May flowers, fragrant dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival, we ushered in the expedition Hino Motors Ltd. Guangzhou line 5 to Division I"s.

GAC Hino was established in November 28, 2007, by the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Hino Motors, Ltd. funded the establishment of 50% for each of the Sino-Japanese joint venture with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan. Since 2007, GAC Hino quality of our products to give a high evaluation. 2009, GAC Hino Motors Co. before mass production, the last time to Division I for further coordination on production and quality. In a two-day inspection activities, the company"s various departments and serious passion for mission personnel impressed. The expedition, for the Division I future good cooperation with GAC Hino laid a good foundation.

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